Jasmine to cover all my soul cracks And teil for the mourning in late summer evenings With black and roses, and a sweet taste of wine The bad decisions and the smirk of half-regret The lust for flavors when dipping in a satisfying meal The joy and freedom when breaking the grasps of anxiety The […]

Disappointment, this retreat in darkness Your own private cave of self-criticism Where all the censors have a gather For just sentences of abandonment Where that inner child feels defenseless With so many entitled and wise hedges With all the voices claiming higher truths But with no place for love and its abyss. And cold is […]

Exhaustion is a state of survival A place where you feel at peace Protected from harsh words, looks, or rejection But where you constantly abandon yourself As if the punishment never ends As if that child still has some tears to shed As if any other state would mean crumbling in hasty waters And loose […]

Anger spreads all over in the room Pieces from all the times I felt – That nothing can make things the same again I sink in all this powerlessness flood and taste its toxic foam And rage fears to come to life and clings with fear inside I burst like a wave in storm But […]

Let the dreamers dreamAnd the birds sink under deep watersTo strive for life, and reach for the same sun againCause we can all move on as some pieces can never fallBut a vision for sure we leaveUnder decomposing leavesJust to walk all over with muddy shoes and running waters.It must be something hidden underneath the […]

You thought I was going to watch and leave as if I was walking in a galleryYou thought I was going to end like a painting, a story, and then another one would followYou thought I was going to keep being silent and behave like in a museum where stiffness is goldYou thought I was […]

Easy, that’s not how we like itWe dive in chaos, storms, pettiness, valleys, and some piano notesWe hug ambivalence and all the wrong paths we choseWe hang balloons to our walls and then throw a party with no noiseWe cut all the ropes and loose the grip of our soulsBut then we find no wings […]

Ripped off, traces under the blood Paper cut, pencils drawing a disorganized metaphor of life Nail bites, tension, drums, a palace for the anxious types Trains off the railways, crickets going as loud as they can Summer rain with floods leaving craters in soft lands Doors and chains, vintage smells, and museum stairways The unconscious […]

I am not me But barren land I am not a creation of my own wishes and desires. I am a slave of projections and other people’s castles I am a forest in the dark where people freeze in fear, while animals run free I am not me I am jasmine covered in plant fleas, […]

I stay here in this closet Thinking of sunflowers and roads I could have taken Thinking of guitars, and water splashes, and loneliness and all the ways to reach an old self Thinking of Mars, and stardust, puppies and love, ghosts and future plots Thinking of mornings, and hate, and fall, and playgrounds with nocturnal […]