October 5, 2018

A second

Sounds spiraling in a vacuum
Birds shrieks, and death, leaves and sand, and nails rummaging through it all
Replacements but with loss taste and irreconcilable expectations
Time running fast from small bodies and stiffness stopping a last bit of matter to have its final glow
Air being heavy, and words shouted a lot louder when not being said
Grievances and sense are two parallel lines that are not meant to reunite
Heart beats and the autumn calm, the chill, the spider webs and the dust carrying bits of sun
A cycle that goes on, the nature holding the realm and the right on life or its ceasing
Storms are just a kid’s show when mad, a bad temper that will pass
Ether and oceans, and life are bigger than that
But the smallest of things bears the concrete which grasps emotions in an infinite
Seconds can hold more power than a year, it’s a reverse to make loss parade more
And the now comes with no escape, but a breath meant to ease a weary seeker in its game

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