I keep my oceans far enough
Like mystery and dirt
Emotions, highs and lows …everything I wanted –
In a pile as if I sprayed bug repellent or a curse
Was it a dream –
The life before the carousel broke
The same way an ice cream melts
The way control slips through your hands
One’s paranoiac nightmare…
The way a scary movie ends,
With a sense that you’re not alone
You know the unconscious is full of ghosts
And you feel as from a memory –
How your tears taste,
But that was ages ago
Because lakes guard still waters,
Storms in here are like monarchies in the present world
Pepper spray and spiders, reality sparks, anxiety, fake thrones are more like of a routine
You get success, but none of a child’s dream
And you feel as if left in a field of ancestors that scream
As if you’re blind on a sun melted street
A fly with no sense of direction
Hoping for the cactus flower or some nectar to eat

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  1. love it 🙂


  2. Wow…what a range of emotion, of weaving in and out of safety. I love the image of the oceans, of rising and falling, “the way control slips through your fingers.” I am so glad to see you sharing your poetry again and hope to see more soon. May all be well for you.

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