March 24, 2020


I stay here in this closet
Thinking of sunflowers and roads I could have taken
Thinking of guitars, and water splashes, and loneliness and all the ways to reach an old self
Thinking of Mars, and stardust, puppies and love, ghosts and future plots
Thinking of mornings, and hate, and fall, and playgrounds with nocturnal walks, of wind and moist, and all the storms I’ve lost
Thinking of happy bursts and stones, the cement and my thirst
Thinking of moon ways, and axels, robots and a text, marionets and strings attached
Thinking of losing, and risks, unbreaking a cave, bat release, gorilla squeeze and city trips
Thinking of endless spiderwebs, ruins, a collapse and some boomerang games
Thinking of spoiled milk and honeysuckles, peppermint and a lost taste for kiss
Thinking of cuts, spells, amnesia and a lost friend
Thinking of milestones, and armpits, chocolate and eclectic twists
Thinking of all the ways I could not be thinking of my grand forfeit
Thinking of stories and lost main characters, parade lines, and scandal caravans
Thinking of side effects and fine tunings, bread and crumbles, and a way to remember when I’m closed
Thinking of a brain twist and damage control, alone time and some vinegar
Thinking of blood bumps, and sea breeze, dragging feet and breathtaking flips
Thinking of a swim, an escape belief, and all the dust in my ears
Thinking of eyes and hidden grasps, and fear, and mostly, avoidance dreams.

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  1. Beautiful and haunting. Thank you.

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  2. Bravo! Your words paint pictures upon pictures in my mind. Beautiful poem❤

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  3. Heart-wrenchingly gorgeous!

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