I am not me
But barren land
I am not a creation of my own wishes and desires.
I am a slave of projections and other people’s castles
I am a forest in the dark where people freeze in fear, while animals run free
I am not me
I am jasmine covered in plant fleas,
I am the wind tickling a piece of dress or silk
I am an ant carrying some crumble, but doing it all on repeat
I am a modern Sisyphus with no sense of time
I am not me
I am water draining in the sewage but carrying no waste
I am a cloth laid on the ground at picnics, holding everything to eat
I am the stairs in a tall house, connecting all the floors, and the spider webs
I am a small hammer put aside for almost the entire year
I am a tree breaking under ice and splitting the silence into thin slices of scream
I am a bird hiding in the bushes and singing in the thick night
I am a bug that runs to save its life from a shadow that follows in a flash
I am not me
I am a path that ends all of a sudden, a rose that fades
I am the burn and the cars sliding
I am a jump and a thousand falls
I am the flour mixed in a sweet dessert, the sour cherry
I am not me yet.
I am only the line in the sand

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  1. You write with such gorgeous intricacy. This is a beautiful piece.

    Stay safe!
    Stay happy and healthy!

    Keep Writing!

    Enigma 🙂

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  2. An echo of The Thunder, Perfect Mind in the Nag Hammadi Library.

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  3. Your images are so down to earth, yet profound, and the words you weave around them are beautiful.

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  4. profound and prolific while as thought provoking with depiction of my own feelings!



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