Ripped off, traces under the blood
Paper cut, pencils drawing a disorganized metaphor of life
Nail bites, tension, drums, a palace for the anxious types
Trains off the railways, crickets going as loud as they can
Summer rain with floods leaving craters in soft lands
Doors and chains, vintage smells, and museum stairways
The unconscious painting in oil colors, dripping off the canvas
Peony petals all over the place
A grief feeling as for the dead
No air, no tears, no dreams
A cycle in an infinite loop like a broken violin on repeat
Stop. Park night lights are the only gleam
Schizophrenic splits, grasps, sour grapes, and sweet strawberries
Prairies, snakes, and venomous bites
Prolonged intoxication of an unrested heart, water cleaning toxic vibes
Glass, anger, powerlessness, and a speeding carousel
Emotions getting array
Cement paving the unleashed words of erased utopias
Sequences of jail plots as bars circle the unseen truths
A buzzing voice of pretenders’ loud presentation of their so-called work
The ludicrous
Wine and earplugs, closed lids, and the escape route
Sometimes we can only abandon our ships

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  1. Rich, challenging and ultimately rewarding. Shared it here..

    Let me know if you have any objections. All the best, and thanks for sharing your gifts 🙂

    Liked by 1 person


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